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Magnum Monolith Upright Cabinet -- Robust, Versatile and Ready to Kick Alien Butt!

The Magnum Monolith is the best solution for home arcade gaming bar none.  We use the highest quality arcade parts possible in our arcade cabinets to ensure the best and most authentic arcade gaming experience.  Most other commercial home arcade cabinets on the market use cheap low resolution arcade monitors, or even worse regular computer monitors.  The Magnum Monolith, however, comes standard with a four mode multi-sync arcade monitor with a far greater range of display modes -- which means that it can display anything from the earliest arcade games to modern games in a correct and appropriate resolution, while with a cheaper low resolution arcade monitor only the classic games (and not all classic games even) can be displayed. Read more about our monitors...

The control panel of the Magnum Monolith is versatile, yet simple and intuitive to use.  Arcade games used a variety of different types of joysticks which varied much in how they read user input.  Our joysticks can handle all of these different types and behave appropriately.  Don't be fooled, most other cabinets come with simple (and cheap) 8-way only joysticks that can only handle a limited range of games.  Our control panel also comes standard with a trackball and a spinner (usually extras for other arcade cabinets).  The Monolith has real arcade buttons -- after playing games with real arcade buttons you will never be satisfied by gamepad buttons again.  The control panel is built with the highest degree of professionalism -- with not a single visible bolt or ugly trackball mounting plate anywhere.  Read more about our control panels...

Monolith -- 2nd Player Joystick

Beyond arcade gaming, the Magnum Monolith can also can be used to play all the retro games from the classic systems you love.  Modern console games (via the appropriate emulator) and even regular PC games can all be played on the Monolith.  The Magnum Monolith is also easier to set up than other home arcade solutions -- we have spent over a year setting up emulators for nearly every game system in existence, which we make available for our customers.  Setting up new games is painless and only takes minutes instead of hours or days like on other machines.

The most unique feature of the Magnum Monolith is its case.  Traditionally arcade cabinets are made from wood or plastic.  We have departed from tradition in our case design to manufacture a more robust and far better ventilated case than other cabinet manufacturers.   The Magnum Monolith's case is built from steel covered in a unique coating called Line-X.  Because steel transfers heat, our cabinets run at low temperatures even without additional noisy fans. 

The Line-X coating over the cabinet makes the case virtually indestructible -- it is EXTREMELY resistant to scratches and dents and will not chip away.  Other arcade cabinets can be easily scratched, especially when transporting the machine.  The tough robust case of the Magnum Monolith will not scratch when transported.

Aside from the practicality of the case, the special Line-X coating is simply beautiful.  The material is a deep glossy black color and is textured - not flat.  This coating makes the Magnum Monolith a wonder to behold.  It has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.  Because the color and gloss is a part of the material itself, there is no worry of paint chipping away.  The coating comes standard with the Magnum Monolith in a black color.  For a nominal additional fee the customer can choose any color they like and we will match the Line-X coating to that exact color.  Read more about the Monolith's case...

Our machines are mass produced and not custom one off solutions.  This means savings to the customer while receiving the highest quality construction and premium parts possible. 

Only $3,979 USD.

Email us to place an order.  Customization options are available.

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