Magnum Arcade

Magnum Monolith Case Only

Monolith - Keyboard Tray Extended

For the experienced hobbyist who would rather assemble their own arcade machine we offer just the case alone.  This is the same great chassis used in the Magnum Monolith Fully Assembled Arcade.  You can customize it with the parts you choose and make your own cabinet your way.

The Magnum Monolith's case is built from steel covered in a unique coating called Line-X.  It is nearly seamless, and there are very very few visible bolts which gives it a more professional and sleek appearance than other cabinets.  There are absolutely no visible bolts on the control panel and mounting plates are not necessary for adding a trackball to the unit. 

Our case may cost more than others out there, but it is also the toughest, sleekest and coolest (both temperature and style).

The Magnum Monolith Case includes the keyboard tray, marquee, marquee light, glass panel and control panel graphic.  It does not include any controls, monitor or PC.

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Only $1,179 USD.

Email us to place an order.  Customization options are available.

We ship to anywhere in the world.

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