Magnum Arcade - The Magnum Joyboard is the Ultimate Joystick for Your PC.  All the Fun without the Quarters.

Magnum Joyboard

Magnum Joyboard Controller

Don't have the space or money for an arcade cabinet?  Still want to play arcade games with superior controls?

The Magnum Joyboard arcade joystick is what you're looking for!

The Magnum Joyboard allows gamers to have true arcade quality controls on their existing PC, for those who prefer to use their existing PC and computer monitor to a full home arcade cabinet.

Arcade Controller and Computer Keyboard: All-in-One

Arcade joysticks by their nature are somewhat large.  It is naturally desirable to position the controller directly in front of the computer monitor, in the same position where typically a computer user would place their keyboard.  Consequently, owners of arcade joysticks are required to move their keyboard out of the way when they desire to play a game.  By integrating a computer keyboard into our arcade controller, we offer a unique gaming device with greater convenience than separate arcade joysticks and computer keyboards.  No repositioning of equipment is necessary, everything the gamer requires is readily available in a convenient location.

Magnum Joyboard Closeup

The Ultimate Joystick

Our controllers are designed to offer a superior gaming experience.  The Magnum Joyboard features the same superior quality joysticks as our Magnum Monolith arcade cabinet.  Our versatile sticks can modify their behaviour to perfectly match the game being played.  Arcade game machines had proprietary hardware designed for use for that specific game.  A variety of sticks were used in arcade machines: 2-way vertical, 2-way horizontal, 4-way, 4-way diagonal, 8-way, 49-way, analog, etc.  Our joysticks alter their behaviour on a per game basis to make them behave precisely as the type of controller used by the original arcade hardware.

Other arcade controllers intended for home use are equipped with inexpensive 8-way sticks with four micro-switches inside that the joystick handle pushes against to actuate. When the stick is moved diagonally, two micro-switches are actuated simultaneously (for example, if the joystick is pushed northeast, the switches for up and right are actuated simultaneously).  These 8-way sticks are fine for games that originally used 8-way sticks.  For games that used 4-way sticks, however, they are inadequate.  If a user plays a 4-way game with an 8-way joystick the game will become confused because there is no code to deal with the scenario of two directions pushed simultaneously (because the situation was physically impossible with the hardware).  Typically the game character will freeze in such a situation.  

Our joysticks also do 8-way mode flawlessly.  Our joysticks use a magnetic sensor instead of micro-switches to determine the position of the joystick.  With a standard 8-way joystick, to move in a diagonal, it is necessary to actuate 2 micro-switches.  Consequently it is quite easy to accidentally hit only one of the two intended micro-switches instead of both.  In 8-way mode the area of joystick movement is mapped to the 8 directions in a smooth, flowing pattern which allows the perfect execution of diagonals.  The magnetic sensors also make our sticks silent as opposed to the loud clickety-clack of standard sticks.

Superior Pushbuttons

The Magnum Joyboard comes equipped with 8 superior quality Sanwa pushbuttons.  These pushbuttons have low actuation, allowing for rapid cycling – resulting in much more rapid firing in a game.  The feel of the buttons is divine -- like a cushion of air.  Like our sticks with magnetic sensors, these push buttons are silent.

Arcade Joystick Heaven for Only $199 USD.

Email us to place an order.  Customization options are available.

We ship to anywhere in the world.


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