Magnum Arcade - The Ultimate Addition to
   Your Game Room.  All the Fun without the Quarters.

Arcade Marquee with Super Bright LED Lights

Magnum Monolith Super Bright LED Lighted Arcade Marquee

The Magnum Monolith comes with a lighted arcade marquee.

Super Bright LEDs

We use super bright LEDs to light the marquee.  Because we use LEDs, the lights will last for years and years without needing to be changed.

Beautiful Elegant Design

We include a beautiful Magnum Monolith graphic depicting a monkey using a bone as a tool and a spaceman, representing the Magnum Monolith's ability to play anything and everything from stone age to space age.  It plays classic retro arcade games and modern games perfectly.

Easily Swap with Other Graphics

The marquee is easily removed (without even opening the machine), so you can change the marquee graphic easily yourself and even swap it with an authentic marquee from your favorite real arcade cabinet.


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