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MAME Cabinet

Magnum Monolith Upright Cabinet -- Robust, Versatile and Ready to Kick Alien Butt!

MAME is an emulator that simulates in software the hardware of arcade games, perfectly down to even minute details.  Combined with a real arcade monitor and authentic arcade controls, MAME can provide a gaming experience indistinguishable from the original arcade game.  The Magnum Monolith was designed to provide the ultimate MAME experience.

Versatile Joysticks

The Magnum Monolith's joysticks switch modes automatically from 2-way, 4-way, 8-way and analog to behave exactly as the joystick for the game did in the arcade.  Other arcade cabinets do not offer this level of compatibility.


Our seven button layout allows for perfect button use for six button fighter games (with the familiar two rows of three buttons pattern) while still allowing for perfect four button play (with the button four buttons in a row).  We have already created custom MAME configuration files for you to take advantage of these button layouts automatically with no effort.

Arcade Trackball

Trackball games in MAME play exactly as they did in the arcade with the trackball controller located in the center of the control panel.

Spinner Controller

The premium spinner controller allows you to play spinner games like Arkanoid smoothly and flawlessly.

Please note that Magnum Arcade will not under any circumstance provide links or information on how to download illegal pirate MAME ROMs.


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