Magnum Arcade - The Ultimate Addition to
   Your Game Room.  All the Fun without the Quarters.

Powerful but Simple Interface

GameEx - Main

The menu interface for the Magnum Monolith comes fully loaded with features:

  • Supports nearly any emulator
  • Advanced support for MAMEĀ®
  • Multimedia screensaver which uses arcade games, video, and more.
  • Theme editor for skinning the menu system.
  • Easy setup wizard for the novice.
  • Advanced configuration for the expert user.
  • Sophisticated categorization of games.
  • Search (quickly find the game, song or video that you're looking for).
  • Zip/7-Zip support (keep your game collections tidy, organization and tightly compressed)
  • Automatic updates
  • Game statistics (know exactly how many times you've played each game)
  • And many more features...

Not to mention that it just plain looks gorgeous.


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