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Authentic Arcade Trackball Controller

Monolith - Trackball

The Magnum Monolith includes a high quality trackball to give the authentic arcade experience for trackball games like Centipede and Marble Madness.  Trackballs are lots of fun and really add much to the gaming experience.  The trackball is "seen" by the PC as a standard mouse, so any PC game which uses the mouse can be played with the trackball -- with more fun and more precision in control.  Playing regular PC games with an arcade trackball is like rediscovering the game.  You will find yourself surprised at how different and more enjoyable the game can be with a trackball.  Arcade buttons acting as the left and right mouse buttons are located above the trackball.

The trackball itself is a beautiful shade of red and looks great on the machine.  It is mounted with a higher degree of professionalism than other arcade cabinets on the market, with no mounting plate at all, and absolutely no visible bolts.  We feel that mounting plates and bolts severely detract from the physical appearance of an arcade cabinet.  Our premium cabinets both look better and play better.

The trackball can be used to navigate the machine's menu system for choosing games, music or movies. Alternately, the included arcade joysticks can be used to navigate the windows.  It is up to the user's individual taste and style.  In any case, using the keyboard and mouse is only necessary for configuration and installation of new games.  Once setup the Magnum Monolith's hidden keyboard and mouse tray can stay hidden.

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