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Joysticks (Versatile, Accurate and Precise)

The Magnum Monolith control panel includes two feature packed arcade joysticks. 


Monolith - Player 1 Joystick

Our sticks provide the ultimate in versatility for playing arcade games.  They automatically switch modes to provide the exact type of joystick that the original arcade game used.  They switch automatically from 2-way, 4-way, 8-way, 49-way and analog.  Most home arcade machines from other manufacturers come equipped with vanilla 8-way sticks with four micro switches inside that the joystick handle pushes against to actuate.  When the stick is moved diagonally, two micro switches are actuated simultaneously (for example, if the joystick is pushed northeast, the switches for up and right are both actuated simultaneously). 

4-way Functionality

Monolith -- 2nd Player Joystick

8-way joysticks only work well playing arcade games that originally used 8-way sticks.  For games that used 4-way joysticks they are woefully inadequate.  Take, for example, Donkey Kong which used a 4-way joystick.  Because Donkey Kong used a 4-way stick, the game software never expects to encounter a situation in which the up and right micro switches are both pushed simultaneously.  The result?  You push up to climb a ladder, slide the stick over to the right to keep moving and walk across the next platform, but Mario just stands there at the top of the ladder doing nothing.  This happens because you hit the diagonal while moving the stick from up to right, and the game simply doesn't know how to respond.  The same is true for many other classic games -- Pac-man being another great example. 

8-way Functionality

Our sticks also do 8-way mode flawlessly and since the joysticks use a magnetic sensor instead of micro switches the diagonals of 8-way mode are smooth and responsive because it's not necessary to hit two micro switches "just right."  This allows for perfectly performed jumping in fighting games like Street Fighter. 

Analog Functionality

Our sticks can also do 49-way and analog modes -- allowing full 360 degree movement and reading how far you push the joystick.  It knows if you lightly nudged it or pushed it all the way up.  Having analog sticks is important for playing modern PC games.  If you use an 8-way joystick for an analog game, you will not be able to control the game correctly at all -- you'll move jerkily all over the place. 

Accurate and Precise

Our sticks use magnetic sensors to detect movement precisely and accurately.  Control your favorite games with finesse. 


Magnetic sensors are also silent, so there is no loud clacking sound like there is with cheap micro-switches.

Durable and Robust

Because our sticks use magnetic sensors to detect movement, there are no micro switches to break!  You'll get years of enjoyment out of our rugged joysticks.

Classic Stylish Retro Design

Our sticks come standard with a polished steel stick and a cherry ball on top with a timeless classic retro look. 


Don't like the cherry ball-top look?  We can provide the same high-quality sticks in the Magnum Monolith with a black bat-shaped stick common to many newer coin-op machines.  Don't like the feel of the stick?  The spring can be switched easily with a tighter spring or restrictor plates can be easily installed to give the stick a shorter throw.

Control Panel

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