Magnum Arcade

Premium Arcade Dial Controller

Dial Controller

The Magnum Monolith includes a high precision arcade spinner controller to give the authentic arcade experience for dial games like Arkanoid and Tempest.  The "fun factor" is very high for dial games.  It's satisfying to spin a knob and bounce balls off your bat, or spinning around a web and shooting abstract aliens.  Game specific controls are one of the endearing qualities of classic arcade games and the Magnum Monolith's control panel accommodates the broadest range of controls.

Superior Quality

With 1200 transitions per revolution our arcade dial controller is powerful enough to handle even the most demanding dial games.  A weight is attached underneath the dial inside the control panel giving the controller a nice solid feel, and allowing it to continue to spin after release when the user gives it a good hard spin. You can control your games with finesse with every movement accurately tracked. 

Zero Backspin

An issue that arises with cheaply made dial controllers is backspin. If the gamer spins the controller too quickly and too long in the same direction the controller will not be able to keep up in reading the movement and become confused.  It will actually think that the knob has started to spin in the opposite direction and the player will start moving in the opposite direction on the screen -- hence the term backspin.  The Magnum Monolith's precise dial controller can handle even the longest, hardest and fastest spins.  Your on screen character will always move exactly as you intend it to move.

Professional Craftmanship

Like the other controllers on the Magnum Monolith control panel, the dial is mounted with the highest degree of professionalism with no visible bolts.  The stylish red knob on the dial is made from plastic and rubber, giving it a solid grip to ease the spinning.

No Substitute

There is no substitute for a real dial controller for games that make use of them.  Joysticks are great for joystick games, but using a joystick for a dial style game is nearly impossible and definitely not fun.  Your favorite dial arcade games will come to life in a way you never dreamed possible.  Once you experience our dial controller for Breakout style games, you will never want to use anything else.  Our dial controller can even be used to control driving games.  It is much more satisfying to use a dial to control a race car than a joystick since a turning motion is far more natural.

Ease of Use

Like our trackball, the Magnum Monolith dial controller is "seen" by the PC as a standard mouse so it can be used by PC games without any extra setup.  Arcade buttons acting as the left and right mouse buttons are located to the right of the dial controller.

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