Magnum Arcade - The Ultimate Addition to
   Your Game Room.  All the Fun without the Quarters.

AMD Based Computer

Inside every Magnum Monolith is a powerful AMD based computer featuring the following:

  • AMD 64-bit AM3 440 CPU: This powerful CPU will allow you to emulate nearly any Arcade game on your Magnum Monolith at full speed.  The newer versions of MAME take full advantage of 64-bit triple core CPUs to achieve full speed emulation even on many of the newer more demanding arcade games.
  • ArcadeVGA 3000 Video Card: The Arcade VGA 3000 Video Card is one of the most important parts of the Magnum Monolith.  It allows the computer to interface with the Arcade monitor built into the Magnum Monolith.  It supports all the special 15KHz and 25KHz video modes of arcade games, and can also display standard SVGA modes -- giving the best of both worlds - perfect arcade resolutions, and perfect PC resolutions.
  • 2 Gigabytes DDR2 800 Memory
  • 320 Gigabyte Hard Drive
  • DVD RW Drive

...and of course, as time goes on and technology progresses, the computer inside of your Magnum Monolith can be easily and inexpensively upgraded -- so you will be able to enjoy your Magnum Monolith for many years to come. 


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