Magnum Arcade - The Ultimate Addition to
   Your Game Room.  All the Fun without the Quarters.

Stylish and Robust Case

Magnum Monolith Upright Cabinet -- Robust, Versatile and Ready to Kick Alien Butt!

The most unique feature of the Magnum Monolith is its case.  Traditionally arcade cabinets are made from wood or plastic.  We have departed from tradition in our case design to manufacture a more robust and far better ventilated case than other cabinet manufacturers.  

The Magnum Monolith's case is built from steel covered in a unique coating called Line-X.  Because steel transfers heat, our cabinets run at low temperatures even without additional noisy fans.  Furthermore,  with our special design there is no bottom floor on the cabinet at all -- allowing the electronic parts inside access to cool air, instead of being trapped in a wooden enclosure (which leads to the premature death of the PC trapped inside). 

The Line-X coating over the cabinet makes the case virtually indestructible -- it is EXTREMELY resistant to scratches,  dents and will not chip away.  Other arcade cabinets can be easily scratched, especially when transporting the machine to your basement.  The tough robust case of the Magnum Monolith will not scratch when transported.

Finally, the special Line-X coating is simply beautiful.  The material is a deep glossy black color and is textured - not flat.  This coating makes the Magnum Monolith a wonder to behold.  It has to be seen in person to be truly appreciated.  Because the color and gloss is a part of the material itself, there is no worry of paint chipping away.  The coating comes standard with the Magnum Monolith in a black color.  For a nominal additional fee the customer can choose any color they like and we will match the Line-X coating to that exact color.

For those who want build their own arcade cabinets, our Magnum Monolith case is available for purchase separately -- with no monitor, controls or PC.

Only $1,179 USD.

Email us to place an order.  Customization options are available.


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