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Home Arcade - Do I Need One?

Magnum Monolith Upright Cabinet -- Robust, Versatile and Ready to Kick Alien Butt!

It's much more than just a regular PC in a great big box. 

Coin-op Machine / PC Hybrid

The Magnum Monolith is a true hybrid between an arcade machine and a home PC.

Versatile Controls

The special joysticks in the Magnum Monolith behave exactly as the joysticks of the original arcade games, regardless of the type of joysticks they used.

Multi-sync Monitor

The 29" multi-sync arcade monitor displays each game exactly as it was in the arcade, with a 1 to 1 pixel ratio.  The difference is substantial.  Once you play and experience arcade games on a true arcade monitor, it is impossible to be satisfied playing the same games on a PC with a LCD monitor.

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