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Are the games on the Magnum Monolith exactly like the originals?

Yes, they are.  The Magnum Monolith uses emulation software to emulate the arcade games perfectly.  What this means is that rather than being a rewrite of the game for a different platform (that is a new program being written to act something like the arcade game -- like many home versions of arcade games for various game consoles) it is instead using the PC inside the Magnum Monolith to act like the chips present in the original arcade machine (which can vary greatly as most arcade machines were custom designed for the particular game that they played).  Because the PC is acting like the chips of the original arcade machine, it is running the exact program code of the original arcade game.  Every tiny detail, even the idiosyncasies like kill screens, is present. 

Because the Magnum Monolith uses a real arcade monitor, the games can display their graphics at a one-to-one pixel ratio -- meaning that every tiny little dot that makes up the graphics of the arcade game will be shown with no stretching, blurring or other effects normally required to attempt to play arcade games on a standard computer monitor.  The difference is quite large -- a standard computer monitor, at best, only approximates the look of the original arcade game.  On a real arcade monitor you can view the arcade game as it was originally intended to look.  For more information on the benefits of a true arcade monitor take a look at our page dedicated to the 27" Arcade Monitor that comes with each Magnum Monolith click here.

The controls on the Magnum Monolith allow you to control the arcade games as they were meant to be controlled.  The joysticks of the Magnum Monolith automatically change their behavior depending on the arcade game you are playing.  If the original game used a 4-way joystick (only up and down, and left and right) then the joystick will switch into that mode.  This is important since the original game's software isn't designed for an 8-way joystick (up and down, left and right, and the diagonals) and isn't expecting up and left to both be pushed at the same time.  When an 8-way joystick is used to play a 4-way game, the results can be very erratic.  Poor Pac-man will get stuck in corners.  The Magnum Monolith's joysticks can switch between 2-way, 4-way, 8-way and true analog modes making sure that the joysticks match precisely what the game is expecting.  Other pre-built home arcade machines use only the less versatile 8-way switches which severely compromises the quality of many arcade games.  The Magnum Monolith also features a high-quality spinner controller for games like Super Break-out which used a dial instead of a joystick.  The spinner also works very nicely for driving games without the bulk of a full steering wheel on the control panel.  The trackball on the control panel allows precise control of games which used a trackball controller like Missile Command, and Centipede.

In short, the Magnum Monolith will allow you to play your favorite arcade games in their original glory -- all without the negative side of needing to pump quarters into the machine, of course!

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